20th ASE Seminar, October 16, 2015

20th ASE Seminar (Advanced Supercomputing Environment)

October 16th (F), 2015, 13:00-18:05
4F Remote Conference Room, Information Technology Center (ITC), The University of Tokyo

2015年10月16日(金), 13:00-18:05
東京大学情報基盤センター 遠隔会議室(本館4F(浅野キャンパス))
What is ASE Seminar ? (in Japanese)

20回記念となる今回は国外から3人,国内から4人の講演者をお招きし,数値アルゴリズム,自動チューニングなどHPC(High-Performance Computing)に関する様々な分野について議論します。皆様ふるってご参加ください。
Another interesting topic is that first name of the three of four domesic speakers is "Takeshi".
Hosted by
Information Technology Center (ITC), The University of Tokyo
JST CREST "ppOpen-HPC: Open Source Infrastructure for Development and Execution of Large-Scale Scientific Applications on Post-Peta-Scale Supercomputers with Automatic Tuning (Leading PI: Kengo Nakajima (The University of Tokyo))"

主催:東京大学情報基盤センター スーパーコンピューティング研究部門

Time Speaker Title of Talk
13:00-13:10 Kengo Nakajima (ITC/The University of Tokyo, Japan) Welcome Adress
13:10-13:55 Ichitaro Yamazaki (University of Tennessee, USA) MAGMA: Matrix Algebra on GPU and Multicore Architectures
13:55-14:25 Takeshi Fukaya (Hokkaido University, JAPAN) The CholeskyQR2 algorithm and its applications
14:25-14:40 (Break)
14:40-15:25 Patrick Sanan (Universita della Svizzera Italiana, Switzerland) Aggressive accelerator-enabled local smoothing via incomplete factorization, with applications to preconditioning of Stokes problems with heterogeneous viscosity structure
15:25-15:55 Takeshi Iwashita (Hokkaido University, Japan) Error correction method for a sequence of linear systems
15:15-16:10 (Break)
16:10-16:55 Weichung Wang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan) Photonic Bandgap Optimization via Surrogate Assisted Tuning with Low- and High-Fidelity Simulations
16:55-17:25 Takahiro Katagiri (ITC/The University of Tokyo, Japan) Impact of Automatic Code Selection with ppOpen-AT
17:25-17:55 Takeshi Ogita (Tokyo Woman's Christian University, Japan) Refinement of Symmetric Eigenvalue Decomposition
17:55-18:05 Kengo Nakajima (ITC/The University of Tokyo, Japan) Closing Adress

Contact: Kengo Nakajima (ITC/The University of Tokyo): nakajima(at)cc.u-tokyo.ac.jp